Innocent Girls Kitana Lure, Shelby, And Sheri Vi Have A Foursome

Added: April 05, 2018 l Length: 00:20:55

If you ever get invited to a blindfold game with three Russian hotties, be sure to accept. Nikolas did, and he’s about to have one of the most amazing days of his life. He gets blindfolded by the babes and they start thinking of ways that they can make an orgy out of the situation. One of the babes gets an idea and takes her bra off so that he can feel her up while he’s blindfolded. He has to guess which one of them she is but he can’t, so she gives him another clue by making out with him. Soon enough all three of them are aching to have some of that hard dick inside of them. One of them bends over while on the bed and sucks him off while the other two lie down. After that, they start having an orgy with all of them either making out or giving oral to each other. Then they split into pairs. One pair has hot lesbian sex, while the other pair consists of Nikolas and a lucky girl who gets her tight pussy pounded. In the end, they stimulate him enough to receive a hot and gooey facial.