Misha Cross Injured Her Leg And Fucked Her Savior

Added: August 03, 2017 l Length: 00:23:17

Misha Cross was returning from the grocery shop when she suddenly flipped over and hurt her leg. Choky Ice was driving by with his car and saw this stunning, hot innocent teen on the road, laying down. He comes outside to help out and offers her a ride home to which she happily agrees. They came to her empty crib and told her to rest by the pool. Misha felt so moved by his manners that she wanted to give him something in return. She takes his hand, pulls him close, rips his shirt off and starts caressing his strong body. Choky doesn’t waste time, so he pulls her down, takes her shorts off and stars licking her burning little innocent pussy. The girl goes crazy as his tongue does wonders to her pussy. She got his dick out and started giving him an innocent blowjob while staring at him with those beautiful blue eyes. He bends her over and starts fucking her ass really hard that she started to scream load without worrying about the neighbors. She gets on him and rides him like a little whore, so hard that he had to get on his feet and shoot a load in her mouth!