Petite Katarina Muti Gets Hardcore Workout Session At The Gym

Added: July 06, 2017 l Length: 00:30:57

Working out has become a staple in many people’s lives recently. People just love going to the gym for different reasons. Katarina Muti has some very specific reasons though. She knows of this hot personal trainer, and she’s been aching to get into his pants ever since she started working out. She got together with him for today’s workout and is trying to seduce him in order to get some dick inside of her. She is really tiny compared to him, so she knows that that dick will feel really nice inside. She strokes his dick and seduces him enough so that he wants his dick sucked. She goes down on her knees and pulls out his cock and starts stroking it to make it hard. After making it hard she starts sucking on it sensually while speeding up with every bob of her head. After that she stands up and lets him fuck her hard while she pulls her shirt up, revealing her tiny tits. Afterwards she gets bent over and the guy starts fucking her hard from behind. Then he starts fucking her from behind but while standing up and finally he covers her pussy with white spunk.